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Pin Point Eyeshadow Palette

Pin Point Eyeshadow Palette

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Why we love itProvides more than 1,000 combinations for different looks.
Consists of base, contour, and glitter shades to allow both daily and point makeup.
The shade layering without stuffiness results in soft texture.
Clear shades adhere on the skin without any stuffiness.

CORALLY POP: Unique coral point glitter
BLOSSOM: Beautiful pink coral matte glitter
AFTER APRICOT: Medium shade complete with apricot shade
SO SHEER: Bright peach shimmery glitter
WARM CLASS: Best warm-toned orange shade
MATTE-MATIC: Cozy matte brown shade
PEACH SIDE: Bright peach base
BEIGE-ME: Best beige base for warm-toned skin type
EQUAL PEACH: Perfect peach point shade
GLITTER LIGHTER: Champagne coral marble glitter
SHADED: Delicate beige brown contour
BREAK TIME: Eye-catching copper brown shimmery glitter

STAR OUT: Sparkling pinkish champagne pink glitter
COOL IT: Cool purple pink marble glitter
FAIRY FIT: Fairy-like pink beam in cool pink shimmery glitter
CLOUDY: Pink ivory base
PINK ALARM: Refreshing lavender pink
CHALK PINK: Lovely pink base
COTTON GREY: Contouring grey shade without red or yellow
MAUVE MATE: Purple mauve for cool-toned skin
COOL BROWNIE: Cool purple brown
ROSY MOOD: Cool and dry pink rose
S’MORE: Unique grey pink brown
DARKENED: Deep grey brown

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