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Ardell Fashion lashes #107 are handmade to exact specifications.

These fabulous natural looking lashes have longer, beautifully curved strands, which create voluminously full lashes. Lightweight Reusable Safe & sterile Easy to apply & Affordable! Works well with DUO Lash Adhesives (for strip lashes), Modlash Adhesives (for strip lashes), Ardell Lash Adhesives (for strip lashes) and Gypsy Strip Adhesive. False lashes need to look as natural as possible.


When applied correctly they can help achieve beautiful lush looking lashes. To start the process you have to apply the adhesive first. Apply quality adhesive such as DUO Brush On Striplash Adhesive  along the rim of the false eyelash for look closest to perfection. Let it air dry for about 20 seconds for the adhesive to get tacky so you don't end up with a mess of extra running glue on the skin of the eye or over the false eyelashes. 2. Align your #106 Ardell false lashes gently to cover over your natural lashes and gently press them together. Make sure not to put mascara on your natural lash beforehand. 3. Once done you can apply mascara on your lashes but do it from underneath your natural lashes only by wiggling the lashes. Then go back and gently press them again. 

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