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Juicy Drop Tint

Juicy Drop Tint

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Why we love it

Juicy tint, water glow tint, refreshing and clear, clear gloss, bouncy and glowing tint.
It adds 100% shine like jelly and gives a bouncy, plump effect.
This product has a vibrant, juicy-like adhesive color.
This product has a vibrant color as if it has been freshly squeezed without any dullness, even if you apply it lightly.
It maintains a clear and refreshing feeling by seeping in moistly and rising up transparently.
Dewy and refreshing without sticky residue.

Featured ingredients

A refreshing usability with a watery texture.
The glossy jelly texture creates a glow-up effect on my lips that makes you want to touch them constantly

How to use

Get a moderate amount on the tip and spread it along the lips.

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