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Juicy Drop Cheek

Juicy Drop Cheek

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Why we love it

Juicy Drop Cheek has a clear colorization to express a fruity look anytime, anywhere.
This product is featured as a fruity cheek, healthy blusher, watery color, clear glow hack, and moisturizing blush.
Complete the fresh and juicy 3-second idol look with the juicy cheek hack.
A pure fruity cheek product that clearly seeps through.
A light, watery, fitting cheek product without a sticky residue.
Completes the healthy, juicy makeup look just like a flaming center of a girl group.
It’s not overpowering and gives the fresh and healthy look.
A pure cheek hack that gives a pure glow just like your original skin.
Tap in small amounts to experience both clear colorization and a transparent glow on each application.

A fitting cheek hack product that is watery, light, and stays put.
The transparent glow stays all day long.
Meet the vibrant, healthy, fruity colorization.
The perfect size that fits in a pouch for a quick, on-the-go fruity boost, and can be used in moderate amounts.Comes in a small size of 3cm x 8.5cm that makes it easy to carry around.
The narrow spout makes it easy to adjust the amount, so you can use it in moderation.Recommended to use it lightly on the cheeks in small amounts.

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