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Illuminating Glutathione Film Mask

Illuminating Glutathione Film Mask

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Fast skin absorption with nanofilm of ultrafine particles

 Manufactured with only two natural beauty ingredients

 Application of easy-to-use mesh support (Patent No. 10-2505623)

 Immediate lifting after use

 Item : BABIANA Illuminating Glutathione Film Mask

 Packing : 8patches / pouch, 4pouches / box

 Ingredient : Collagen 950,000ppm, Glutathione 50,000ppm

 Function : Lifting, Skin brightening, Nutrition

    How to use

    1. Spray a mist on the area where you want to use it
    2. Attach a film mask
    3. Dissolve the film mask by spraying enough amount of mist
    4. Tap it lightly with your fingers to absorb it
    5. Finish with cream



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