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Ceramic Milk Ampoule

Ceramic Milk Ampoule

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TIRTIR Ceramic Milk Ampoule, the 3-in-1 powerhouse serum that will bring a wave of deep replenishment to your skin's barrier, leaving you with nothing but pure bliss and a radiant glow. This is not your ordinary serum, my friends. This is a symphony of nourishment, a complex blend of ingredients carefully crafted to transform your skin into a work of art.

At the heart of this miraculous elixir lies the secret to its success - Vegan Milk. Derived from a unique fermentation process involving Lactobacillus and Soymilk, this precious ingredient is like a reset button for your skin. It replenishes, it rejuvenates, it heals. Say goodbye to dull and lackluster skin, and hello to a complexion that's alive with vitality.

But that's not all. We didn't stop at Vegan Milk. To supercharge the replenishing effects of this ampoule, we added Rice Bran Oil, sourced from Oryza Sativa, to deliver intense hydration deep into your skin. This little wonder-worker not only quenches your skin's thirst but also supports a healthy skin barrier, so you can bid adieu to dryness and welcome plump, dewy skin.

And let's not forget about Coconut Oil. Known for its exceptional moisturizing properties, this tropical treasure will leave your skin feeling like silk. It glides on effortlessly, sinking into every pore, leaving behind nothing but velvety softness and a youthful radiance.

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