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Ceramic Cream

Ceramic Cream

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[ULTIMATE MOISTURIZATION FOR GLASS SKIN] Experience rich moisturizing with the power of Polyglutamic Acid, holding x10 more water than hyaluronic acid. Instantly hydrate your skin and keep that glowy glass skin look all day long.

[STRENGTHENS SKIN BARRIER] Formulated with natural-based Olive Oil and Macadamia Seed Oil, this cream provides a thin yet effective moisture barrier, locking in hydration. Achieve a pore-less, ceramic vase-like skin with fewer blemishes and imperfections while maintaining your skin's oil-moisture balance.

[LONG LASTING] Nature-derived 12 plant extract ensures your skin is comfortably soothed by the cream, locking in moisture for extended periods. It offers deep hydration and nourishment, enhancing your natural radiance.

[MILD ON THE SKIN] Mineral oil-free, Fragrance-free, Paraben-free and Hypoallergenic. This cream is suitable for your daily skincare routine. It excels in providing hydration, especially at night when applied generously before sleeping. TIRTIR Ceramic Cream is better choice for deeply-hydrated, less dead skin cells, and a glowing complexion.

[SUITS DRY SKIN TO ALL SKIN TYPE] Whether you have dull, dry, saggy skin or any other skin type, this cream helps you regain radiant skin under a strong moisture barrier. Its comfortable, non-greasy formula is ideal for daily AM & PM moisturizing, especially for dry or sensitive skin.

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