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Birch 70 Moisture Boosting Cream

Birch 70 Moisture Boosting Cream

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The Birch 70 Moisture Boosting Cream provides moisture for the skin, which is just as important as the water we drink, and keeps it moist for a long time.
Separating makeup and flaky skin problems are all due to lack of moisture, and just as water doesn't absorb well if poured directly on the ground, the skin needs to be filled with moisture at the basic stage so that it can absorb layers well.
The product has the features of moisture protection, hydrating and refreshing, and makeup-adherent skin.
It is a product with a cozy moisturing feeling that covers the skin without stickiness and controls oil-moisture balance while covering dry skin with a thick texture.
It is a product that creates the skin's innate glass glow, and with quick absorption and a fresh finish, it does not leave unnecessary oil and enhances the durability of makeup.
It is a healthy mildly acidic cream with a pH level of 5.0 that resembles skin, and is manufactured around pH 5.0 so that you can take care of your skin in a healthy way every day.
It is safe to use without worry of irritation, having completed the skin irritation test.
It has a fresh and firm texture without feeling stuffy.
The product is from Anua, giving your skin a comfortable time and giving you time to fill yourself up.

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