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Better Than Cheek

Better Than Cheek

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Why we love it

Create a pretty cheek complexion with the colors of dried fruits found in nature.
Enjoy the blurring blush effect on your skin, using silicone-coated powder that creates a fine skin texture without clumping.
The sweat- and sebum-absorbent powder allows for a soft finish and makes the makeup complexion last for a long time.

Featured ingredients

Pear Chip is a must-have nude blusher that does not separate, and customers have repeatedly requested a restock.
The color of rom&nd's Better Than Cheek came from dried fruit (MCBB, My Cheek But Better).
Presenting the dried fruit color that is My Cheek But Better, which is even recognized by beauty influencers.

How to use

1. Use a medium amount of blush on the brush.
2. Shake off the powder lightly.
3. Lightly dab around the most prominent part of the cheekbones.

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