Vital In Jeju Time Repair Serum

  • 100% REAL MADE IN JEJU ISLAND: The entire production process takes place in Jeju Island from cultivation the ingredients to producing the complete product.
  • RECOGNIZED BY UNESCO: Jeju Island is a clean area recognized b UNESCO as a 7th world natural heritage site.
  • WATER AND INGREDIENTS OF JEJU: All products are made of Natural plant extracts and ingredients that are grown and produced in Jeju Island.
  • JEJU ECHINACEA CULTIVATED IN A GARDEN ON JEJU ISLAND: It contains Echinacea, herbal plan from Jeju Island that is cultivated with volcanic rock aquifer water. Rich in nutrients, this ingredient helps deliver hydration energy into the skin quickly and efficiently.
  •  Made in Jeju Island of South KOREA

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