Miisha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule [GOLD]


Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule [GOLD]

Wrinkle-Repairing & Brightening

Lactic acid fermentation of Purple Energy formula

Purple botanical ingredients are fermented with the same lactic acid used to create yogurt, lactobacillus, to energize skin, repair damage, even skin tone, and improve the overall health of skin.


1. Damage Repair
Lactic-acid fermented blueberries, purple beets, and other purple botanical ingredients improve skin's ability to heal itself from damage caused by external aggressors

2. Firmer, Stronger, Smoother Skin
Natural origin collagen alternatives tighten skin and create a smoother skin texture

3. Revitalized, Luminous, Even Skin Tone
Vitamin C derivatives included in a 7 vitamin multivitamin complex revitalize, brighten, and even out skin tone.

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