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Hydrogel Face Mask - "I wish for Black Magic"


Ultra Detox + Purifying

Stronger adhesion & absorbption power compared to a cotton sheet mask

  • Adjustable dual piece fit
  • Unique jelly-like texture

Experience the deep transfer of nourishing ingredients into your pores, and witness instant skin renewal.

Hydrogel sheet mask has a unique jelly-like structure that adheres impossibly close to skin's surface to effectively deliver nutrients. Infused with detoxifying charcoal to magnetically draw out impurities and render clearer, smoother complexion.


  1. Clean and dry skin.
  2. Fit upper and lower sheet masks to face.
  3. Use excess serum in packet on neck.
  4. Remove masks after 20-30 minutes.
  5. Do not wash off or pat dry. Allow skin to absorb remaining nutrients.

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