Create a perfect base for an all-day luminous look with NYX Professional Makeup High Glass Face Primer. As_Step 1_of our_3-Step High Glass Skin Regimen, this gorgeous primer formula is infused with light-reflecting pearls to create the illusion of translucent glass skin. Silky to the touch, it glides on smoothly, creating a fresh and healthy look that can be worn alone or under foundation for glowy, prolonged wear. Available in three flattering shades for a wide range of skin tones this glass skin primer is the next step after your glass skin routine.

Glass skin, defined: Evolving from K-Beauty_ dedication to a healthy, glowy, hydrated-looking complexion, _lass skin refers to skin that looks translucent, smooth and reflective - just like a pane of glass.

Our_3-Step High Glass Skin Regimen:

Step 1:_Create a smooth and glassy base for makeup application with our High Glass Face Primer using the_HIGH GLASS FACE PRIMER BRUSH.

Step 2:_Set your makeup and elevate the overall _lassiness of your look with our softly tinted_HIGH GLASS FINISHING POWDER_using the_HIGH GLASS FINISHING POWDER BRUSH.

Step 3:_Spotlight the high points of your face with our_HIGH GLASS ILLUMINATING POWDER_using the_HIGH GLASS ILLUMINATING POWDER BRUSH.

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