Ardell Press On Self Adhesive Wispies Lash


Ardell Press On Self Adhesive Wispies Lash are flirty wispy style falsies fit for any size and shape eyes. These criss-crossed style lashes provide edginess by adding assymmetrical strands of lashes to accentuate your natural eyelashes. Ardell Press On Lashes are pre-loaded onto the applicator making for a fast and easy application. ** NEW **

  • Self Adhesive! Just Press and Go!
  • Soft, flexible applicator curves to lash line
  • New patented applicator and lash in one
  • Lashes pre-loaded onto applicator

Quick and easy, these lashes are perfect for evening, holiday, and special events 

Ardell's new patented flexible lash applicator is a great lash option for first time users or professionals who would like a quick and convenient application. Ardell Press On Lashes features include Ardell's best selling, beautiful lashes pre-loaded onto the new patented applicator that will curve to the users lash line. Perfect for on the go. 

Directions for Press On Lash Self-Adhesive Wispies Black

1. Carefully lift applicator tab from tray.

2. Align tab along lash line, press and go!

Lash Tip

To remove lash from eye, gently peel off lash strip starting at outer corner.

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